We’re inspired by adventure, by being active, pushing boundaries, and reaching for our goals and dreams. Adventure is also about finding places that fuel our passions, sustain the planet, and about taking a stand on the places that matter. From urban neighbourhoods to the awe-inspiring beauty of Canada’s wild spaces, adventures lead us around the block, off the beaten path, or all the way off the map.

MEC helps keep space for adventure by conserving ecologically and recreationally important places and by inspiring and enabling Canadians to be active outside.

Please note our grant program is changing starting summer 2017. Our funding pillars are shifting to better align with MEC’s social purpose: to inspire and enable everyone to lead active outdoor lifestyles. We encourage you to visit our website again after July 1st for more information about the new criteria and funding guidelines.

Conserving places

We commit to conserving the ecologically and recreationally important places where we adventure and that sustain us.

We envision:

  • There are always places to play, inspire, and sustain us
  • The ecological integrity of Canada’s places is the best in the world
  • Every community has high-quality places for outdoor activity
  • Canada’s outdoor places are celebrated

Enabling people

We commit to inspiring and enabling Canadians to experience nature and lead active outdoor lives

We envision:

  • Everyone has enjoyable outdoor experiences
  • People have the skills and community to be active outdoors
  • Outdoor culture is strong and vibrant, with leaders that inspire
  • Canada’s outdoor culture is celebrated

1% For The Planet

In 2007, we joined this alliance of businesses who believe in providing financial support to outdoor and environmental initiatives. Our membership means that collectively, MEC members direct 1% of every purchase to Canadian causes to preserve habitat, cultivate innovation, build community and make change for the better. As an independent third party, 1% for the Planet confirms that member businesses meet their  commitments, and they verify that groups receiving funds have clear, worthwhile goals directly related to conservation.

MEC was the first major retailer in Canada to join 1% for the Planet and we take every opportunity to encourage other Canadian businesses to get with it. The more that do, the better the future will be.